The client's challenges

UX/UI makeover of Croquetteland, a pure play pet food company, for the Carrefour group

We applied a user centric method by collecting data from the current website in order to achieve a powerful and ergonomic result. Croquetteland's business goals were: switch to a responsive design ; adapt to their customers' specific needs ; highlight the brand's consulting/veterinary aspect ; provide reassurance and present high added value services

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Renaud Tournier

MOA Project Manager at Croquetteland Carrefour

When we decided to switch to a Responsive Design, one of our main requirements was to find an experienced project management agency that uses clear processes.

Our collaboration with Kaliop was very smooth and operational one, owing to our weekly meetings and intuitive tools. This enabled the project to go live in early July 2017.

Our daily exchanges and the availability of the agency formulate the success of the construction of models from A to Z. Our daily interactions and the agency’s availability constituted a formula for our success in building the models from start to finish. Thank you for your support throughout this project – it is now paying off and continues to grow!

The solution


Understanding consumer needs

- How do customers consume? Oneshot or recurring? With one or several products? Is the up-selling technique proving itself to be profitable?
- Which services are used? Only online orders, or services too?
- What are the most popular delivery and payment methods? Do users properly understand this information?


Understanding how visitors use the website

- How do visitors tend to browse? Using the search engine? The main navigation? By brand? By animal type?
- How are pages scrolled? Is it fine to have a long homepage? Is the cross-selling approach adequately outlined?
- Which paths do visitors follow while browsing the current catalogue? Do they arrive through the homepage, a category or listing? What kind of filters do they generally use?


An analysis based on user research

- Implementation of a UX audit on existing website
- Data collection via heat maps & visitor tracking
- Reporting & feedback workshop for customers
- Building new ergonomics with wireframes and models

Identified habits

Data services

We have identified highly recurring orders of dry products.

It is becoming strategic to highlight the subscription feature when regularly ordering a selected petfood product. Many new customers take some time to choose the right amount of Croquetteland kibbles they need. This is why the need to calculate the right dose should be highlighted, and we have displayed this recommendation on the homepage and on all the website’s product descriptions.

Data navigation

Heat maps show that the search engine is one of the main paths used to access the website.

We therefore recommend the creation of your own predictive search engine with suggested results, categories and brands. On the homepage, we can note that 20% of brands attract 80% of clicks: we recommend that only they be kept, in order to simplify the website’s UI and improve its readability.

Data visibility

Scrolling rates vary between pages.

1/3 of visitors scroll down to the homepage footer, 4/5 scroll right down to the bottom of the first kibbles listing page but product descriptions are not scrolled on, making cross-selling almost invisible. On the basket page, 2/3 of visitors scroll down the page, and 1/3 do not notice the “confirm my order” button. We recommend that the basket be set as two columns, with reassurance and the total calculations in the right column, along with a “confirm my order” CTA that remains visible.

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