The client's challenges

Create a complete customer experience between the shops and the e-commerce site

For the last 6 years, we have stood by this trendy and dynamic brand. Whether digitally or in-store, our teams have implemented a set of comprehensive solutions around the physical and online CX store. There are 3 Customer Experience goals: make smartphone, tablet and desktop content accessible to e-commerce website users ; ensure a smooth, in-store purchasing and order experience and efficiently ensure the cross-channel follow-up of visitors' profiles

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Head of E-commerce at Mellow Yellow

Thanks to its mastery of the Mellow Yellow platform and awareness of its increasing challenges, the Kaliop agency has carried out genuinely challenging digital and cross-channel projects for us. Drawing on its capacity to increase staff involvement, its flexibility and adaptation to our constraints, Kaliop has very ably supported us, especially in developing this new “in-store tablets” tool while allowing its facilitated management in collaboration with our teams.

A powerful ecommerce platform...

Robust online technical support

With the implementation of CMS Magento, the new website can stand heavy load and traffic during seasonal activity.

Fast time-to-market for marketing teams

With the Z-block module developed by the Kaliop agency, Mellow Yellow teams are fully equipped to liven their homepage by activating various graphic features according to their undergoing operations.

UX tailored to the shoe and fashion industry

Thanks to the implementation of a size management solution, visitors can now find the sizes that fit them using Mellow Yellow. part of an ambitious multi-channel system

An opening for marketplaces

To launch the product catalogue on the marketplaces, we have implemented the right flows to distribute and stock products on partner retailer websites.

Performance support and continuous optimisation

Owing to the optimisation of the Magento cache using Redis, the Kaliop agency has optimisation the website's display loading time and performance. By analysing the behaviour of visitors when they scroll down the catalogue and checkout items, our UX teams continuously optimise the interface.

Supplemented by in-store activation

- Introduction of in-store sales tablets and customer training
- Deployment in 35 Mellow Yellow stores
- Sales optimisation and in-store stock management

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