Ecommerce platform of the leader in online parapharmacy

The client's challenges

Increase the online conversion rate

With the rapid increase in the use of smartphones and tablets for online browsing and shopping, Powersanté, a pure player in the online sale of parapharmaceutical products, contacted us for a responsive ergonomic support.

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Magali Faye

Head of e-commerce at Powersanté

Kaliop’s methodology has allowed us to build an efficient ergonomics and increase desktop and mobile conversion. Working with a UX design agency specialized in Ecommerce is interesting in order to start from the customer data not to deconstruct, but rather to build an optimized interface based on visitor habits.

The solution


A site providing a better conversion

- Setting up a responsive site
- Increase in conversion
- Improved user experience
- Accompaniment of Powersanté teams on the construction of UI
- Assistance with testing the website

The methodology

A data-driven project management

- Behavioural analysis
- Implementation of the ergonomics recommendations
- Follow-up of the graphic design provided by the Powersanté team and review of deliverables
- Front office tests with the technical agency on desktop, tablet and mobile

The results

An enhanced CRO

The ergonomic redesign has improved the site's business results thanks to an increase in the number of orders and shopping baskets. Mobile traffic in particular has seen a strong increase.

Observed habits

Search engine data

60% of clicks on the search engine across the different pages.

Recommendation: implementation of a search engine with suggested results and categories. This allows visitors to access the products they are looking for very easily, without having to go through the main navigation. This way you can also display interesting cross-selling options to increase the average basket.

Navigation data

70% of visitors go down at the bottom of the listing.

Recommendation: setting up an infinite scroll with a fixed menu that follows the scrolling in the page. Indeed, rather than having page reloads that slow down the visitor’s navigation, it is interesting to set up result listings that load as the scroll in the page progresses.

Checkout data

In checkout, the mandatory checkbox of the Terms and Conditions is too discreet.

Recommendation: slight redesign of the checkout page to highlight the acceptance of the T&Cs and avoid abandoning the basket. We noticed that many visitors did not see the checkbox of the T&Cs because their attention was focused on the right part of the checkout (the action button to validate the summary of the order). Once this was detected, it was easy to move the main call to action to the checkbox, so that the two elements would follow each other naturally.

Results (Conversion period Nov 2016 vs Octobre 2016)

+17% Placing in the desktop/tablet/mobile basket

+24% Increase in mobile traffic

+30% Turnover increase

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