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Kaliop Hosting offer

Alexandre Galtier

In charge of the Hosting offer

Our hosting expertise is combined with our development expertise to provide a global solution to your performance, scalability and availability issues. We intervene upstream of projects by carrying out an audit and architecture design, during the setup phases, by managing the architecture/migration build, and during the run phases for the maintenance in conditions of your applications in 24*7*365.


Availability 24/7/365

A DevOps team on permanent standby

Our DevOps team is mobilised 24/24 and 365/365 to monitor your platforms and intervene in the event of an incident, within the framework of contractual and binding SLAs.


Availability and performance

A single point of contact, a global commitment

We know how to commit ourselves globally to the performance/availability of your applications, both on the hosting and application aspects.
Our Dev and Ops teams work together in a true DevOps approach.


Cloud migration

Self-managed, scalable and high-performance architectures

We support you from start to finish in this project.
1/ the benchmark and the choice of the cloud solution (AWS, Azure, GP)
2/ architecture and sizing
3/ the build of the platform
4/ application deployment
5/ the RUN



Renowned expertise

Kaliop has specific expertise in the AWS environment, with many AWS certified employees. We can assist you in the technical management and fine tuning of your AWS infrastructures, and its budgetary control.


Automated deployment

Docker/Kubernetes expertise

We design our architectures in a containerisation logic to facilitate scalability and portability of environments, as well as to facilitate deployments. Our experience feedback is numerous on complex platforms with high stakes for continuous and automated deployment.


Performance monitoring

Anticipate your peaks and events

We monitor globally the applications we host (AppDynamics, Newrelic…). We can anticipate your scalability, detect unusual application behaviours, and propose a continuous improvement roadmap.


Projects we're proud of

Manage 100 events per year through a multi-site platform

Develop an institutional multi-site platform

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