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Our white paper : Magento 2 & SEO

by Yann FRESSIGNAUD 19 June 2018

Kaliop Digital Commerce published a white paper about Magento 2 and SEO.

With this white paper, you will find out how to improve the visibility of a Magento e-commerce site in search engine results.
Written in collaboration with the SEO expert Primelis, it explains the main SEO optimizations to bring to an e-commerce website and the best-pratices essential to the use of Magento 2.

This white paper is available in French.

Table of content

  1. SEO & e-commerce
  2. The basis: how to build and manage one’s website
  3. Automation: how to animate a SEO-friendly website
  4. Advanced optimizations
  5. A selection of Magento modules

Diffusion and use

Livre blanc SEO MAgento 2

The white paper is available here:

If you want to use it, content is under Creative Commons Licence.
You can publish extracts or translate it, as long as you mention the source.

The team

  • Written by Hervé Guétin
  • Design by Louis Bronstein and Yann Fressignaud
  • In collaboration with our partner Primelis:


Co-founder of the Soon agency and always passionate about UX/UI, I assist brands in their user journey and conversion issues.


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