Kaliop Group partners with Akeneo

We are happy to inform that Kaliop Group signed a partnership agreement with Akeneo, a supplier of product information system, and adds Akeneo PIM in its offer.

Why PIM?

Kaliop Group delivers open-source CMS (content management systems) and e-commerce solutions. PIMs, product information systems, are a perfectly logical element of the offer to those of our clients who wish to better organize the gathering and publishing of their product information and data. PIMs collect (import) data from various sources within the organization (e.g. ERP system), allow to enrich the data (photos, video etc.) and give access to it through various channels (e-shop, website, mobile app, print).

Why Akeneo?

Although Akeneo is a relatively young player on the PIM market, it has already managed to prove the system’s maturity through numerous sucessful integrations. The system is well-designed, flexible and functional. The licensing model, allowing community edition for less demanding projects as well as enterprise edition for more complex solutions, was also a key factor. The fact that Akeneo PIM is based on Symfony 2 framework, which is a field of expertise in Kaliop Group, also influenced our decision. Akeneo team’s involvement in the partnership, something we value very much in all our technology suppliers, also help making this choice.

See Akeneo website