Kaliop strengthens its position within the Symfony ecosystems

Kaliop Group, the specialist in high-performance open source technologies, is pleased to announce its role as SensioLabs partner has reached a new level.

This new step is the logical continuation of our investment since 2013 in this very well established technology. Kaliop Group is now a Certified Partner of SensioLabs, the publisher of the Symfony framework.

Kaliop Group is committed to a privileged relationship with the most robust and scalable open source solutions on the market (Akeneo, Magento, eZ Publish, Drupal ...) to offer its major accounts customers a recognized and sustainable technical expertise.

Kaliop Group has a multidisciplinary team working in Symfony serving key accounts such as Merck, Foncia, Bouygues, Essilor, Dior and William Reed.

The powerful combination of Symfony expertise from SensioLabs and Kaliop’s project management has already helped clients to develop strategic projects with complex technical issues.

Gregory Pascal, Co-founder and MD of SensioLabs.

As an active player in the SensioLabs partner network, Kaliop strengthens its position within the Symfony ecosystem. The combination of Kaliop’s knowledge and skills and the expertise of SensioLabs enables us to respond together to our clients innovative projects.

Françoise Nauton, CEO Kaliop Group

This strengthening of our partnership is the continuation of our ambitious and qualitative development strategy at an international level. We already have had several opportunities to collaborate with SensioLabs on projects with high added value and Symfony offers a powerful solution.

Symfony : More than a simple framework

Aged 11, the framework created by SensioLabs is now a world reference. The Symfony 2 version launch in 2011 has recently been downloaded more than 500 million times. Indeed, it is a reference PHP framework for the development of powerful and scalable Web applications for enterprises. It’s also a philosophy and a very important active community of more than 500,000 developers around the world.
Beyond its offering of services, training and support, the company designs products for web developers and companies to improve the quality, management and deployment of their applications.

Kaliop & Symfony

  • SensionLabs Affiliate Partner since 2013
  • SensioLabs Certified Partner in 2016
  • 75 % of Kaliop’s projects use Symfony 2.0
  • Production capacity + 1000 j.h in Symfony2.x


SensioLabs has 150 employees based in 7 offices in France, United Kingdom, Germany and the United States and a network of more than 50 partners.