Kaliop sponsor of eZ Conference 2016

eZ Conference 2016: Beyond the Web brings together experts in digital strategy, marketing and engineering to exchange ideas on how to deliver remarkable digital experiences.

An annual summit, eZ Conference is the largest gathering of the eZ community worldwide—from editors and marketers who use eZ Publish, eZ Platform and eZ Enterprise, to the developers and designers building sites and apps.

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Conference by Gilles Guirand, CTO : The Next Generation of Innovative Applications

Innovative mobile & web applications like Uber, Slack, IoT, online messaging and games use cutting edge technologies to provide “magical” features such as realtime pub/sub, APIs, web sockets, notifications and geospatial events. These ecosystems are quite far from classical LAMP architectures and CMS business logic.
Today, a new generation of “back-end” software (kuzzle.io) enables you to easily improve your application’s UX with these “magical” features, while maintaining your favourite eZPublish CMS in the background.
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Conference by Gaetano Giunta, CTO Kaliop UK : Managing Changes to the Database Across the Project Life Cycle

In this talk, we will discuss the different practices currently adopted by eZPublish developers to share-while-evolving the CMS database, tackling the different aspects involved (db schema vs. sample contents vs. production contents) and the different development phases (development vs. maintenance).
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Program #ezconf2016 :

This year’s conference offers general sessions and Business and Technical Tracks to match your interests.

eZ : "Where content means business”

eZ is an open source content management system (CMS) provider that helps businesses maximize the value of their content.
Fueled by over 15 years of organic growth, our software gives you the tools to create, deliver and optimize digital experiences.

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