Kuzzle, the Spin off from Kaliop Group

Kaliop, launched its Backend "Enterprise" at the 2017 CES in Las Vegas.

The startup has chosen the international rendezvous of digital and digital transformers to highlight its solution "Kuzzle Enterprise": an out of the box backend designed to accelerate by 40% the time to market of digital innovations .

Kuzzle is a multi-device, multi-platform and multi-protocol backend solution for the web, mobile, games, connected objects, information systems ... This innovation, unique to the market, allows innovative project owners to focus on their core business. Kuzzle wants to create an industry standard of development by proposing a real alternative to the global giants. www.kuzzle.io

Gilles Guirand CTO at Kuzzle:

Kuzzle is the result of more than two years of R & D work that will profoundly change the standards and the development market. We are proud to announce its official release at the largest international technology event of the year.

An open source backend that covers all the data management functionality, Kuzzle is an adaptable and reusable platform that natively covers a wide range of functionalities: it provides real-time communication between different users, subscription and sending of notifications, database storage, advanced search (text search, geolocation, facets, etc.). It also implements filter subscription allowing users to receive notifications on combinations of fine criteria, such as tags, geolocation, arithmetic functions, etc. This paradigm is natural for most developers, who can use the same query logic for search and real-time. For example, it is possible to receive notifications concerning a geographical area, a center of interest….

Kuzzle: more than just a backend, a backend framework

Kuzzle is designed to be scalable because it consists of a skeleton on which services and plugins are articulated. Its advantage is twofold: it allows to adapt and enrich the possibilities of Kuzzle to the specific needs without slowing it down, and it facilitates the contributions of the open source community.
A good example of this adaptability is provided by the protocol plugin mechanism. This mechanism makes it easy to add new protocols to communicate with Kuzzle. Thus, the protocols currently available are: websocket, REST, STOMP, AMQP, MQTT. Kuzzle is available in several installation formats. By default, it is installed with a ready-to-use Docker container.

Pierre DENISET, President of the Kaliop Group:

The launch of Kuzzle fits perfectly into the DNA of the Kaliop Group, which has always placed innovation at the center of its growth strategy. With this strategic project, we are offering businesses in digital change a breakthrough solution that will enable them to achieve 40% savings. To guarantee the success of our spin off, we will of course recruit the technical and business employees who will enable it to succeed to break into international markets with North America as a priority.