New identity for Kaliop Group

Kaliop Group unveils its new visual identity to strengthen its image at an international level.

This new identity is part of an overhaul of the Group’s brand architecture. This milestone in the life of the Group allows us to achieve the following goals:

  • Provide immediate visual recognition of the Group internationally.
  • Strengthen the link Group/subsidiaries through logos in perfect harmony.
  • Increase awareness and promote the Group’s image among opinion leaders and institutions.
  • Support the dynamics of the Group with modern and effective communications.

Questions to Rémy Boulanger, Creative Director

How can we explain this transition?

It must reflect the origins of Kaliop using more modern concepts and symbols. The Group must not lose sight of where it comes from while embodying this new transition. To be different, be new, without forgetting our origins.

Why this transition?

This is a homecoming, a return to the etymology of the name Kaliop. The idea was to use the Greek alphabet in a very stylised and reworked format to create a visual code. To this world we have added black and white geometric patterns. From now on we will communicate using this base, orange and other secondary colours.

The new logo

The main idea was to leave the typographical style and move to a clean and simple design in order to gain visual impact. KALIOP is now accompanied by an icon. This icon has several benefits. It can easily be used across all media and can stand alone as a graphic symbol and becomes the embodiment of the company.

The orange colour is retained

This colour is the common thread with the old identity. Black and orange are part of Kaliop’s DNA. In the symbolism of colours, orange is the colour of communication and creativity. Black is the colour of simplicity, elegance and discipline. It’s the many positive meanings that led us to keep these colours.