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Kaliop is hiring digital addicts.

Scrum master

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Developer / Lead React Native

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Digital Marketing Director

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System administrator / confirmed devops M/F

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Ecommerce Project Manager

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Developer / Lead Drupal 8

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Kaliop's spirit

Aim for excellence, combining human vision and growth.

Bringing experts together for ambitious projects

The 200 people who make up Kaliop all have digital and innovation as a common passion, whether they are from the “devs” tribe, consultants or designers. Digital-first, we like to constantly renew ourselves, to be pioneers in the technologies of the future that will best meet new uses.

Thus, for fifteen years, we have had the opportunity to support our customers on ambitious projects and proposed solutions that are of real interest to their users.

Believing in sustainable growth

At Kaliop, we are convinced that the well-being of our employees, the protection of the environment and the development of the territory contribute to the company’s overall performance. We cannot imagine growth based solely on the accumulation of financial profits.

With this conviction, we are driving the dynamics of continuous improvement so that all employees feel free to propose social innovations, to participate in the quality of life together and in the dynamism of our local and technological ecosystems.

Eco-design or sustainable development at the heart of our businesses

We believe that it is possible to reconcile sustainable development and technology by promoting the creation of eco-responsible products.

A multi-business team, trained in responsible and sustainable product design, is advancing our practices in this area to support our customers and reduce our ecological footprint.

Joining Kaliop

Adopting the Kaliop Team means challenging yourself on a daily basis to share your expertise.

Building your ideal career plan together

At Kaliop, your career is a journey that is built together, at your own pace. We find it too administrative to include you in a fixed grid that can only evolve on each anniversary date of your arrival in the company. We favour a long-term relationship with our employees and share the development of your expertise and career according to your personal strengths and aspirations.

Develop skills and share knowledge

88% of employees received training during the year

1,300 hours of in-house training each year

30 in-house training workshops performed

>50 events (organized or visited) in 2019

>40 speeches done by our teams (conferences, meet-ups...) in 2019

>100 pieces of content produced (articles, guides, white papers...) in 2019

Exchange at the heart of your journey

To help build and support this career plan, we rely on moments of exchange and evaluation:

  • A radar of skills: you obtain a positioning on the 5 main axes of your function during interviews with your colleagues, managers and technical guru.
  • A roadmap: to be able to progress today in your position and tomorrow in your career and the means to achieve it (training, mentoring, objectives to be achieved…).
  • HR mentoring: a colleague of your choice or the person who co-opted you to join the company supports your integration and your life in the company.

Working at Kaliop on a daily basis

Life at Kaliop is built around a serene environment and open relationships.

Craftsmanship over Execution

We believe in the manifesto of “Software craftsmen”. The profession of the developer must be valued and must not be reduced to writing lines of code, with no vision other than that of a mere executor.

We do more than just work products. We make well-designed products, with added value for users, viability and maintainability. We do it with passion and with excellence as a goal.

Team spirit and appreciation

Working at Kaliop is not joining an army of anonymous developers. We work in multi-skilled teams, created in a universe, which organise themselves and with our clients.

Agility guides the pace and communities of technological or thematic practices.

Trust and independence

We believe that trust is essential for everyone to give their best. The teams organise their own activities according to the needs of our clients and their areas of expertise.

We trust them to find the balance between in-house and remote work within the framework of the telecommuting charter and the team’s needs. Retrospectives and continuous improvement workshops allow for trusting and shared progress.

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