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Carry out an audit and study the positioning

Propose an Inbound Marketing acquisition strategy and deploy it

SEMrush Google Analytics

Carry out an audit and a semantic study

Google Analytics SEMrush

Audit and develop an SEO strategy to reach position 0


Audit the existing site and then define and supervise the production of content

Google Analytics Hubspot

Define an action plan for qualified traffic generation and increase in the conversion rate

Salesforce Commerce Cloud Audit ergonomique UX UI

Immerse visitors in the world of the brand, while accompanying them in their choice of purchase.

Develop online sales, through regular sales animations

Help the brand to grow online with a dedicated ecommerce site

Carry out an audit and a semantic study

Develop an Inbound Marketing Strategy

Support a brand in its emailing strategy

Build intuitive user paths to choose and buy beauty products online

Implement the technical evolutions of the platform, and propose adapted landing pages

Propose a new online brand territory, coupled with a high-performance ecommerce site

Create this brand online through a complete ecommerce system

Redesigning the ecommerce platform following the luxury codes

Innovate while maintaining the performance of one of the leading outdoor hotel eCommerce sites

Implement a new UX/UI interface and a robust online sales system

Magento UX UI

Support high sales volumes through a robust and efficient platform

Immerse the visitor in the universe of a feminine and elegant brand

Magento UX UI UserResearch

Provide orthodontists with a smooth online shopping experience

AWS Docker R

Improve the group's sales forecasts thanks to a new Big Data approach

Develop the "e-immo" real estate credit site


Implement a relational marketing strategy involving many partners


Demonstrate the ability to automate the writing of weather forecasts using an AI tool

Set up an online sales site coupled with a PIM for data unification

Set up a high-performance front office adapted to all devices

Set up an ecommerce website and accompany the ready-to-wear brand in the long term

Help the brand to adapt to new trends and assist visitors in their choice

Create a high-performance UX/UI interface coupled with a Magento dimensioned for traffic peaks

Reach out to consumers to develop a consistent graphical interface

Offer Francilians an information portal

Deploy corporate sites

Create and operate the digital communication device

Microsoft Azure Python R

Design a relational data warehouse for marketing, sales and production


Predict the conversion rate of quotes and termination from customer 360-degree data

Audit ergonomique UX

Optimize the conversion of this luxury brand, through advanced user research

Magento UX UI

Develop online sales through a Magento system and an immersive interface

Magento UX UI

Offer an ecommerce catalogue and services to facilitate choice and purchase

Adapt to the recurring purchases of hospital and catering establishments to offer an intuitive B2B interface

Set up a multi-site platform for schools

Support the redesign of the digital device

Drupal Varnish

Encourage donation through an engaging web application


Set up a cloud data hub dedicated to the study of loss experience

Generate traffic and conversion via inbound actions

Manage 100 events per year through a multi-site platform

Set up an online sales strategy through a dedicated ecommerce site

Audit a site and provide recommendations to increase key conversion KPIs

Support luxury brand in its exclusive approach to online sales

Support this leader in tableware in its online sales system

Set up a responsive and customized UX/UI interface depending on the chosen store

Support this pureplayer in the technical management of their ecommerce website

Support this leading creative arts brand in a high-performance frontoffice

Set up an international service platform

Develop a website to promote Paris and its region internationally

Propose an accessible OR Accessiweb website

Develop an institutional multi-site platform

Set up a common web platform for the group

Deploy business applications online

Support the implementation of a digital ecosystem

Deploy a digital platform for the group's magazines

Set up a website and an Intranet

Deploy the Univadis medical portal internationally

Sell online and through in-store sales tablets for this Southern brand

Build a UX B2B interface for local authorities, associations and town halls


Support migration to AWS

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