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Serverless framework

The framework to build and deploy backend applications & APIs “without servers”.

Antonin Savoie

Expert JavaScript

Container technologies such as Docker and “Function as a Service” cloud solutions such as AWS Lambda now make it possible to develop and deploy backend applications & APIs without having to technically and financially assume server management.

The Serverless framework democratizes this concept, and makes it accessible to developers by adding all the necessary tools: Infrastructure as Code, local operation, deployment on AWS, GCE, Azure or Kubernetes.


AWS Partner

AWS-certified Dev & Ops

Our DevOps teams are AWS certified developers and ops, continuously monitoring new AWS services, as well as the best automation and supervision solutions.


Serverless + Node.js

Node.js & API management expertise

We design Serverless applications in Node.js, to expose APIs and connect data from your SaaS, PaaS, CRM and headless CMS cloud ecosystems.


Serverless + PWA

Backend for SPA, PWA or native React Native apps

We design reactive Web applications adapted to mobility and modern uses, such as “Progressive Web Apps” with the best of the JavaScript ecosystem: React.js & Vue.js.

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