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Amazon Web Services

The most prolific and mature IaaS, PaaS & Serverless cloud offering on the market

Adrien Bresson

Expert AWS

The AWS managed services catalogue is impressive in its diversity and exhaustiveness: virtual machines, containers, serverless, relational and nosql databases, data warehouses, messaging, caching, notifications, authentications, storage, data stream, IoT, mobile, analytics…

Almost everything is available in API, Infrastructure as Code, high availability, automatic scalability & continuous application integration.


AWS Partner

AWS-certified Dev & Ops

Our DevOps teams are AWS certified developers and ops, continuously monitoring new AWS services, as well as the best automation and supervision.


AWS + CMS Open Source

Drupal, eZ, Symfony, Magento...

Our DevOps teams are experienced around the most popular Open Source PHP tools, to “translate” your existing system into AWS managed services, and support you in an “Infrastructure as Code”, automation and DevOps culture approach.


AWS + Serverless

Node.je expertise and API management

We design Serverless applications in Node.js for AWS, to expose APIs and connect data from your SaaS, PaaS, CRM and headless CMS Cloud ecosystems.

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