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Ultra scalable server-side JavaScript for APIs, serverless Web applications & real-time UX

David Bengsch

Node.js Expert

In just a few years, Node.js has seen massive adoption on Web and mobile projects, first for its scalability and performance, but also for the popularity and immense ecosystem that JavaScript represents.

Coupled with React.js, React Native or Vue.js, it becomes possible to build flexible and competent fullstack teams on all frontend and backend application layers.


Node.js + PWA

API and Single-Page Application with React.js or View.js

We design reactive Web applications adapted to mobility and modern uses, such as “Progressive Web Apps” with the best of the JavaScript ecosystem: React.js & View.js.


Expertise sans serveur

Encode to Node.js and deploy on a Cloud

We design applications without servers on AWS Lambda and API Gateway, or with the Serverless framework that automate the entire development chain, from laptop to production.


Real-time UX

Websockets, datasync and push notifications

We design real-time user experiences such as webchat, geographic streaming, synchronised collaborative tools, with Kuzzle.


Projects we're proud of

Create and operate the digital communication device

Manage 100 events per year through a multi-site platform

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