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eZ Publish / eZ Platform

The enterprise CMS for critical and ambitious Web projects, based on the Symfony framework

Laurent Dargent

eZPublish Expert

eZ Platform, and previously eZ Publish, has been a PHP CMS for more than 10 years, very present among large companies demanding on security, and on connectivity with their information systems.

eZ Platform is built on the Symfony framework, which makes it particularly suitable for projects that combine CMS needs and the needs of custom business applications.


Website factory

Share or partition content and workflows

We design together your multi-site strategy: editorial workflow by population, content sharing strategy, site generation strategy, hosting layer sharing, Web & mobile multi-channel.


Webperf eZPublish

"Webperf" audits, Vernis & Newrelic expertise

eZ Publish is appreciated for its functional richness, but it is an application “tome” that requires a high level of expertise on PHP code optimization with New Relic and on HTTP cache optimisation with Varnish.


Symfony Expertise

A team of certified developers at Expert level

Our Symfony teams follow a continuous training program, until they obtain the certification considered the most difficult in the Web and PHP ecosystem.

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