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The reference PHP framework for the development of Web applications, e-commerce and SaaS products

Gilles Guirand

Technical Manager

Symfony is the framework in the PHP ecosystem that brings together the largest number of modern engineering concepts and the largest number of high quality functional components.

Symfony and its components are highly regarded in the Web industry for their modularity and ability to support solid technical bases.

Symfony 4 is a major evolution that greatly simplifies the installation and architectures of REST API & Microservices type.


Symfony + PWA

API and Single-Page Application with React.js or View.js

We design reactive Web applications adapted to mobility and modern uses, such as “Progressive Web Apps” with the best of the JavaScript ecosystem: React.js & Vue.js.


Symfony + AWS

AWS-certified Dev & Ops and specialised Symfony

Our DevOps teams are specialised in PHP and Symfony. They migrate your Symfony projects to AWS or design your future applications designed for the Cloud: APIs, micro services, managed services & automatic scalability.


Symfony Expertise

A team of certified developers at Expert level

Our Symfony teams follow a continuous training program, until they obtain the certification considered the most difficult in the Web and PHP ecosystem.

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