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Apache Cordova

Antonin Savoie

JavaScript Expert

Apache Cordova has become popular by being the framework for easily developing iOS & Android applications with a common code.

Cordova has an embedded Webview, allowing the use of popular Web languages such as HTML, CSS & JavaScript, which greatly facilitates the porting and coexistence of Web and mobile applications with an identical code base, for example with the JavaScript framework Vue.js or React.js.


From Web to Mobile

From side rendering server to Single-Page Application

We gradually transform your Web users’ experience towards mobility, adapting the existing Web to a “Single-Page Application” and gradually partitioning backend (API) and mobile frontend (JavaScript and Cordova).


Cordova + Vue.js or React.js

ES6, Redux, Webpack, Typescript & Mocha

Our JavaScript experts are involved in Open Source communities, such as Vue.js and React.js, to understand, track and evolve our expertise in a labyrinthine and ephemeral JavaScript ecosystem.


mBaaS & Cloud

Notifications, real-time, geotracking, geofencing....

We select and integrate the best of Open Source and Cloud mobile backend solutions, such as Kuzzle, Google Firebase, Batch, AWS, as well as new headless CMS solutions such as Contentful.

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