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The lightweight, powerful and productive JavaScript framework for Single-Page Apps and Progressive Web Apps

Pierre Cavalet

JavaScript Expert

The JavaScript ecosystem is full of new features and “techno hype”, often difficult to follow and digest. Vue.js is the framework that has found the best compromise between power, ease of learning and ease of use, ideal for hybrid mobile and web apps.

Praised for its ease of use, productivity and performance, Vue.js fits perfectly with CMS such as Drupal or eZ Platform, the Symfony framework, a Node.js backend such as Kuzzle, or the REST APIs of your digital ecosystem.


Vue.js + Cordova

Single source code for Web app and mobile app

We design JavaScript applications with Vue.js distributable in Web app, as well as hybrid mobile applications with Cordova, or desktop applications with Electron.


Vue.js + headless CMS

CMS API and PWA reactive interfaces

We design reactive Web applications adapted to mobility and modern uses, such as “Progressive Web Apps“, coupled with any CMS or framework backend exhibiting an API: Drupal, Symfony, eZ Platform, Node.js, Magento or Kuzzle.


JavaScript Expertise

ES6, Vuex, Webpack, Typescript & Mocha

Our JavaScript experts are involved in Open Source communities to understand, track and evolve our know-how in a labyrinthine and ephemeral JavaScript ecosystem.

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