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The Open Source backend for real-time and rapid development of Web, mobile & IoT apps

David Bengsch

Node.js Expert

Modern applications lead to new uses, with real-time and collaborative user experience, geofencing and connected objects. Kuzzle greatly simplifies the understanding of these new technologies, such as WebSockets and pub/sub, with a very powerful and productive “koncorde” real-time language.

SDKs make it possible to focus work on the frontend by offering a ready-to-use backend in a few minutes: API, authentication, data and user management, local deployment with Docker or on AWS, everything is ready to use!


Kuzzle + PWA

Develop a SPA or PWA in a few days

We design reactive Vue.js and React.js Web applications adapted to modern mobility and usage, such as “Progressive Web Apps“, coupled with Kuzzle which provides off-the-shelf authentication, API, WebSockets, geotracking, geofencing & JavaScript SDK.


Kuzzle + IoT

Monitor a fleet of Sigfox, Lora or GSM objects

We design applications for IoT driven by Web and mobile interfaces in real time, coupled with Kuzzle which provides an IoT backend: authentication, MQTT, geotracking, geofencing & SDK C, C++ for firmware.


Kuzzle + React Native

Backend for native mobile apps iOS and Android

We design native mobile applications with React Native, coupled with Kuzzle which provides a mobile backend: authentication, push notifications, offline management, API, WebSockets, geotracking, geofencing & JavaScript SDK.


Projects we're proud of

Create and operate the digital communication device

Manage 100 events per year through a multi-site platform

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