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React Native is an Open Source framework for mobile applications, supported by Facebook, and based on the very rich ecosystem of React.js.

React Native allows you to build iOS and Android applications with performance and interface rendering very close to the native for each platform, limiting development costs.

Choosing React Native means ensuring fast time to market, and efficient maintainability: a single team and a single codebase.


UX/UI expertise

Material design & Human Interfaces Guidelines

From the first Design Thinking workshops to the production of prototypes with iOS and Android guidelines, we design with you the mobility experience of your users: authentication, offline management, notifications, geolocation…


React Native + graphQL

Streamline your backend and frontend data flow

The coupling of React Native with GraphQL in middleware becomes an industry standard. GraphQL is a language for requesting backend data, as an alternative to REST APIs, that simplifies and drastically reduces the efforts of frontend developers.


mBaaS & Cloud

Notifications, real-time, geotracking, geofencing....

We select and integrate the best of Open Source and Cloud mobile backend solutions, such as Kuzzle, Google Firebase, Batch, AWS, as well as new headless CMS solutions such as Contentful.

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