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The JavaScript framework to create complex, dynamic and high-performance user interfaces

Samuel Bouic

JavaScript Expert

React.js has become a must in the development of industrial applications, and is widely adopted by many giants and pure players of the Web and mobile for its modularity, its performance and the richness of its ecosystem.

React.js’ strength lies in its very wide range of concepts and fields of application for the Web, mobile and now VR and desktop applications: “Learn once, write everywhere”.


React.js + headless CMS

CMS API and PWA reactive interfaces

We design reactive Web applications adapted to mobility and modern uses, such as “Progressive Web Apps“, coupled with any CMS or framework backend exhibiting an API: Drupal, Symfony, eZ Platform, Node.js, Magento or Kuzzle.


React.js + GraphQL

Streamline your backend and frontend data flow

The coupling of React.js in frontend with GraphQL in middleware becomes an industry standard. GraphQL is a language for requesting backend data, as an alternative to REST APIs, that simplifies and drastically reduces the efforts of frontend developers.


JavaScript Expertise

ES6, Redux, Webpack, Typescript & Mocha

Our JavaScript experts are involved in Open Source communities to understand, track and evolve our know-how in a labyrinthine and ephemeral JavaScript ecosystem.

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