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A flexible and reliable headless CMS very easy to integrate

Samuel Bouic

Contentful Expert

Integrating with many tools and frameworks, Contentful offers a developer-first approach in content management, based on a scalable, monitored architecture that meets your requirements in terms of response time and uptime.

Manage your content and your projects with the versioning of environments: Contentful goes beyond the headless CMS with its extensibility, webhooks, integration with your CRM, intuitive APIs and SDKs, CDN asset coverage and fine-grained rights management.


Contentful + PWA

API and Single-Page Application with React.js or Vue.js

We design responsive web applications adapted to mobility and modern uses, such as Progressive Web Apps with the best of the JavaScript ecosystem: React.js & Vue.js.


Contentful + GraphQL

Make your backend and frontend data flow better

Coupling Contentful as backend with GraphQL as middleware is becoming a standard. GraphQL is a language for querying backend data, as an alternative to REST APIs, that simplifies and drastically reduces the efforts of frontend developers.


JavaScript expertise

ES6, Redux, Webpack, Typescript & Mocha

Our JavaScript experts are involved in Open Source communities to understand, follow and develop our know-how in a labyrinthine and ephemeral JavaScript ecosystem.

Contentful and Third Party Services

Our Contentful expertise extends to PHP, Cloud, API, DevOps & JavaScript frontend ecosystems.


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