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We provide personalized support

Fanny Lefèvre

Digital Marketing director

We dive into our customers’ problematic to support them in the best way, as if it were our own project. We adapt each strategy to our customers’ specific objectives and to the challenges of their sector.

Our experts are able to help you from the elaboration of the strategy to its multi-lever implementation. This overview allows us to control all the points of contact in the customer journey and thus optimize ROI.


Increase your Visibility

Get recognition

Brand creation? Switch to an online communication? Change in strategic positioning? Kaliop’s teams develop a tailor-made media plan with your target as the heart of your strategy.



Develop the Traffic

Reach out to your leads without unnecessary expenses

Based on well-parameterized analytical web tools, our acquisition support follows a ROI-centric logic that follows a common thread: what can be optimized to improve the performance and therefore the profitability of digital marketing actions?


Improve Customer Retention

Website and mobile app

Once you have mastered the shopping experience, it is essential to work on building audience loyalty in order to reduce acquisition costs and generate a virtuous sales cycle. Discover with our experts the best levers to work on this major challenge.

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