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Siham Idam

Digital Marketing Executive

Qualified traffic generation through content, lead nurturing through marketing automation and massive data collection are the three pillars of the maximum conversion level offered by inbound marketing strategies.

With the objective of being found by consumers by responding effectively to their needs and concerns, Inbound Marketing allows you to create reliable traffic that is not dependent on your budget level.

This strategy of structuring content according to your customer’s buying journey allows you to offer him added value and to better understand how far he is from the act of purchase.



SEO, content marketing and social media

We define your buyers personas (typical customers), to understand their issues and challenges. This work allows us to better understand your audience and to define the themes to be addressed within your content strategy in order to be found by your potential customers as early as possible in their approach.



Landing page, content offer and call to action

Our approach is resolutely geared towards conversion. We optimize your website and landing pages to turn your traffic into prospects interested in your offer, while exploiting consolidated data that allows you to always better understand your target.


Close & delight

Lead nurturing & scoring, CRM / Marketing automation, Social Media

Marketing automation and the integration of social networks into your content strategy allow you to set up a nurturing logic, but also to build loyalty among your current customers and engage them in an ambassador/prescriber approach.




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Google Analytics Hubspot

Define an action plan for qualified traffic generation and increase in the conversion rate

Propose an Inbound Marketing acquisition strategy and deploy it

Inbound Marketing

To set up an effective inbound marketing strategy we use a methodology and specialized tools.


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