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Our SEO-SEA expertise

Working the basics of your traffic acquisition

Siham Idam

Digital Marketing executive

Good SEO performance is the basis for all business performance optimizations and research. SEO is the foundation of all your lead acquisition and conversion logics.

However, achieving maximum performance often involves mobilizing SEA levers, such as Google Ads, to acquire the most qualified traffic possible without going through a logic of advanced content marketing or Inbound Marketing.

A delicate balance that we can help you find according to your objectives and your market.



Assessing performance and identifying areas for improvement

We start with a complete SEO audit to understand your positioning, both on technical and editorial aspects:

  • traffic analysis
  • technical causes
  • tagging and metadata
  • keyword positioning


Defining an action plan and ensuring it

The optimization of your natural referencing leads us to define an action plan and a schedule. We prioritize the tasks in order to get quick results.



Monitoring performance and continuously improvement

We track your KPIs and generate regular analysis reports. A dashboard created specifically for your issues allows you to simply and precisely follow the evolution of your positioning.


Definition of objectives

KPI, budget, keywords

Kaliop supports you in the definition of your SMART objectives and helps you to rationalize your needs in order to set up the level of investment perfectly adapted to your business stakes.


Campaigns set up

Creation of ads and landing pages

We put our expertise at the service of your business challenges to generate and convert your traffic:

  • channel identification
  • targeting
  • landing page optimization

Campaigns management

Continuous improvement and optimization

We monitor your campaigns to get the maximum benefit, and optimize them continuously:

  • budget adjustment
  • ads and keywords
  • landing page


Projects we're proud of

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Our tools

These indispensable tools allow us to finely manage your acquisition strategy.

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