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Siham Idam

Digital Marketing executive

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the fondation of all your lead acquisition and conversion  logic. It enables you to appear to an audience that is active in its search. 

Our experts guide you through the 3 components of SEO: technique, content and backlink. They help you to prioritize the optimizations needed, according to your goalsnd the degree of competition from SERP.



Assess your performance and seek room for improvement

We start with a complete SEO audit to understand the reasons for your positioning, both on technical, editorial and netlinking aspects:

  • traffic analysis
  • technical issues
  • positioning on keywords
  • internal linking and backlinks


Conception and implementation of an action plan

The optimization of your natural referencing leads us to define an action plan and a schedule for its realization. We prioritize the tasks in order to obtain quick results.


Strategy Follow-up

Follow and Improve your performance continuously

We track your KPIs and generate regular analysis reports. A dashboard created specifically for your issues allows you to simply and precisely follow the evolution of your positioning.


Projects we're proud of

Google Analytics SEMrush

Audit and develop an SEO strategy to reach position 0


Our SEO analyses are based on many tools for a rich and relevant analysis.



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