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Focusing on Customer Relations Until the Sales Are Over

by L'équipe Commerce Digital 11 January 2018

The end of the winter sales is approaching. This is the ideal time to acquire new customers and prepare a retention strategy that can start as soon as the sales are over. Kaliop has selected four ideal modules that can take part in the success of this strategy and help you focus on your customer relations.


Unfortunately, during the sales, your customers may often find themselves faced with products (on sale, of course!) that are out of stock. One best practice that helps meet their needs is to give them the opportunity to be later notified by a restocking alert.

If such a feature is not yet available on your online store, your Soon project manager will be happy to discuss this with you. But there is a perfect tool that can help you keep track of your Internet users’ subscriptions to these alerts: ProductAlertReport.

ProductAlertReport ajoute un rapport dans la console d’administration de Magento et y recense, pour chaque abonnement, les informations essentielles du type : ProductAlertReport adds a report to the Magento admin console, in which essential information is collected from each subscription, such as:

  • Information relating to the user
  • Data on products for which alerts have been activated (reference, name, price,…)
  • Date at which the restocking alert is subscribed to
  • Visibility on the successful or unsuccessful distribution of the email informing the user that the previously out of stock product is now available
  • Information relating to the order sent as a reminder email to the user

This report (which you can export to your favourite spreadsheet) therefore lets you qualitatively track these restocking alerts and measure their transformation.

All you need to do is act according to this report’s aggregated data to stay in contact with your prospects and acquire customers while the sales are still on!

SalesruleSchedule and MarketingOperations

These two tools complement each other perfectly to help you plan your future acquisition or retention actions.

First, prepare the content and terms of your sales operations with MarketingOperations. This module makes it possible to create marketing operations with a tag, validity dates or an image while assigning a selection of products to it. As such, the products at hand will be identified and showcased on the store.

It is also possible to create standard basket prices based on a marketing operation, which not only lets you highlight the products you want to promote, but also add a promotional price to them.

This is where SalesruleSchedule comes in. As suggested by its name, this module is designed to schedule validity dates of promotions… to the minute!

This way, by combining SalesruleSchedule and MarketingOperations, you can, for instance, implement a “teasing” system that showcases some products for a few days before their prices drop!

Get your promotional operations ready now in order to ensure information flows well between your prospects and clients!


Finally, the post-sales strategy used on your Magento store will most certainly be accompanied by communication operations, some of which will be performed on social media, with Facebook in mind.

It obviously remains paramount to be in a position to “track” users who come from Facebook.

Ask your Kaliop contact to install the FacebookPixel module so that you may perform this tracking process yourself and measure your return on investment!

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