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PIM solution Akeneo

Akeneo PIM is a catalogue management software created to manage product information.


Gain in productivity

Develop your product offer

Stop wasting your time with outdated and unadapted tools – sort your products out in just a few clicks! Focus on product enhancement and say goodbye to incomplete or erroneous product descriptions.


Save time

Reduce your time-to-market

Market your products faster on several channels and in different areas.

Simplify localization workflows to easily translate your data.


Improve quality

Product experience consistent on all your channels

Delete incomplete or incoherent content from one channel to the other. Centralise your data and choose the information to be highlighted on all channels.


Projects we are poud of

Implement a new UX/UI interface and a robust online sales system

Adapt to the recurring purchases of hospital and catering establishments to offer an intuitive B2B interface

Mehdi Saïdi

Mehdi Saïdi

Channel Manager Akeneo

We have been working with Kaliop for more than 2 years, and Kaliop was quick to become Akeneo’s Official Partner. Kaliop ‘s interest in Akeneo was immediately focused on meeting this emerging need of product data management. Thanks to both CE projects (for Community Edition, that is to say using the free edition of Akeneo PIM) and EE projects (for Enterprise Edition, the paid edition), Kaliop was able to build on the competence of Akeneo PIM, and thus succeeded in obtaining the rank of Silver Solution Partner since early 2017.

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