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Ecommerce UX design

We identify the pain points in your customer’s e-commerce journey to help you build powerful and effective UX ecommerce projects.

Yann Fressignaud

UX Director

Knowing your clients is crucial to build an effective UX that meets their needs.
We are dedicated to supporting our customers over the long term: before, during and after completion of their digital redesign and optimisation projects.


Our ux-design methodology

Understand how your visitors navigate through your interfaces

Through our customer knowledge systems, we put the user at the centre of the project: telephone interviews, quantitative surveys, user tests.


Our ux-design methodology

Build efficient and improve your ROI

Thanks to our insights, we are a driving force for designing in order to build a data-driven strategy.


Our ux-design methodology

Optimize your interfaces and define an evolution roadmap

An interface is built over time, and we audit your devices to improve the user experience and increase your conversion rates.


Projects we're proud of

Redesigning the ecommerce platform following the luxury codes

Implement a new UX/UI interface and a robust online sales system

Build a UX B2B interface for local authorities, associations and town halls

Adapt to the recurring purchases of hospital and catering establishments to offer an intuitive B2B interface

Salesforce Commerce Cloud Audit ergonomique UX UI

Immerse visitors in the world of the brand, while accompanying them in their choice of purchase.

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