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“UX/UI” offer

Grégoire Méridjen

UX Lead in charge of Kaliop's UX/UI offer

For the past 15 years, we have observed that 80% of digital project designs do not include end-users in the design, are based on intuitions and not factual data, are siloed with the implementation phases, and commit significant implementation budgets on these bases!

Our Design Thinking approach makes it possible to involve end-users from the design phase, to identify their problems, design innovative solutions in a multidisciplinary team, prototype them, measure the results and adjust, if necessary, the solutions before committing the implementation budgets.

It is a resolutely ROI-oriented approach.


Sprint Design

5 days to prototype UX

Day 1: Story Map of high business value items
Day 2 & 3: Co-design in a mixed team (UX/UX, Technical, Business, Users)
Day 4: Prototyping
Day 5: Test with users


Design System

The IU repository of your product over time

Repository composed of graphic elements and usage rules
Atomic Design approach: reusable elements to gain in time and consistency in your products


Monitoring & UX performance

Optimise the ROI of your live applications via data

Analysis of routes
Analysis of heat zones
User interview
UX optimisation (conversion tunnels)

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