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Our “Web performance” expertise

Load testing, RUM and frontend optimisation, APM and code, cache and infrastructure optimisation

Gilles Guirand

Technical Director

Web performance, in the sense of display time & user experience fluidity, is becoming a critical business issue: SEO, user retention, mobile and offline navigation, scalability and peak loads…

Too often focused only on preventive backend load tests and hosting infrastructure, it becomes essential to involve all project teams in a continuous monitoring and optimization process: frontend JS, Google AMP, Real User Monitoring & code profiling.


Load tests

Simulate cohorts and application impact

Load tests simulate and resolve the most salient performance anomalies. Together with our customers, we build the most critical functional scenarios, with JMeter, Gatling or Artillery.


Monitoring & Metrology

APM, code profiling & Real User Monitoring

We supervise with New Relic or AppDynamics all network layers, systems, third-party services, databases, backend application code (APM) and frontend application code (RUM).


PHP & CMS expertise

Drupal, eZ, Symfony, Magento "webperf" audits...

Frameworks and CMS are appreciated for their functional richness, but they are application “millefeuilles” that require a high level of expertise in the optimisation of PHP code, cache, database and third-party services.


Projects we're proud of

Manage 100 events per year through a multi-site platform

Create and operate the digital communication device

Set up an international service platform

Deploy a digital platform for the group's magazines

Load tests & supervision

We deploy the best Open Source and Cloud tools for load testing, monitoring, metrology, APM & RUM

New Relic





Varnish, PHP & CMS expertise

We have more than 10 years of experience in the optimisation of PHP & CMS Open Source framework performance



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eZ Platform

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Tailored support


A pragmatic approach and assumed recommendations for all your project framing topics, techno choice, performance...

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Design your digital platforms by integrating the real needs of your users: design thinking, sprint design, user tracking...

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Agile management, stable teams and an involved PO to succeed together in your time to market & technical quality challenges.

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Boost your digital ecosystem over the long term: performance, scalability, audience and user acquisition.

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A single point of contact and a commitment to global performance for your digital applications.

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Training to support you in your digital transformation. Kaliop is a certified datadock consultant trainer to coach your talents.

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