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Nicolas Perez

Kaliop Project Manager

Our mission is to work for the success of your digital projects. Beyond project management, we know how to support you more globally: increased agility of the organisation, assistance in defining and implementing your product roadmaps, multi-entity or international deployment.

Our main asset? You work with dedicated and committed teams, a real agile mindset, a daily proximity.


Agile monitoring

Manage your project by business value

Convinced of the benefits of agility, we propose an ad hoc organisation, based on the Scrum principles: short iterations, strong user involvement, business value management, collocated features team.


Stable teams

A long-term partnership

With less than 4% of global turnover, our teams are stable, master your environment and your organisation, and quickly become an effective partner on your digital projects.


Co-located Features Team

An effective decompartmentalised model

We set up cross-functional teams of up to 10 team members, integrating all the skills required to develop your projects: Product Owner, Designer, Front-end and Back-end Developers, Ops, Quality Engineer…


The Product Owner

Key to the management of your digital projects

As a central role in the functional management of product development, we can support our customers in this role: PO coaching, embarking on a PO assistant in projects…


360-degree monitoring

Expertise on major projects

Our Project Managers have more than 10 years of experience in project management up to 10,000 d/h. Our 360° management covers risk management, deadline and budget management, support for the development and management of your roadmaps, as well as programme management.


Location of teams

Quickly adapt to your needs

We are working on a mixed face-to-face/remote model. Our expertise in team onboarding & reversibility allows us to adjust the size and location of teams (Paris, Province, Nearshore) according to your organisational and budgetary constraints.

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