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Our “Cloud management” expertise

Manage, supervise and optimise your web applications on AWS, Azure or Google Cloud

Alexandre Galtier

DevOps/Cloud Expert

Whether with AWS, Azure or GCE, the Cloud has revolutionized the way Web applications are designed, deployed and maintained, forcing organisations to give their processes more agility, decompartmentalise Dev & Ops skills and manage IT budgets differently.

New approaches such as “Infrastructure as Code”, PaaS, SaaS and Serverless further reduce the boundary between Dev & Ops, and the need to embed ops skills continuously throughout the project lifecycle.


AWS Partner

AWS-certified Dev & Ops

Our DevOps teams are AWS-certified developers and ops, continuously monitoring new AWS services, as well as the best automation and supervision solutions.


Infrastructure as Code

Continuous infrastructure deployment

Your Cloud infrastructures are deployed from Terraform configuration and scripts, allowing the highest flexibility and speed to scale, configure, update and replicate on-demand test environments.


DevOps & Cloud

Dev & Ops in synergy for your digital projects

Your Web applications are built “by design” in continuous integration, by teams of developers and ops in synergy over the entire life cycle of a project.


Projects we're proud of

Manage 100 events per year through a multi-site platform


Support migration to AWS

Cloud management

We migrate your PHP & Node projects, and supervise them on the market’s Clouds adapted to your business.

Google Cloud

Microsoft Azure

Automation and supervision

We use the best open-source tools on the market to deploy and monitor your cloud infrastructure.





New Relic


Tailored support


A pragmatic approach and assumed recommendations for all your project framing topics, techno choice, performance...

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Design your digital platforms by integrating the real needs of your users: design thinking, sprint design, user tracking...

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Agile management, stable teams and an involved PO to succeed together in your time to market & technical quality challenges.

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Boost your digital ecosystem over the long term: performance, scalability, audience and user acquisition.

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A single point of contact and a commitment to global performance for your digital applications.

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Training to support you in your digital transformation. Kaliop is a certified datadock consultant trainer to coach your talents.

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