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Our "website factory" expertise

Factories for marketing campaigns, e-commerce, events, Extranet, subsidiary sites, white labels…

Ludovic Lacaze

Head of Consulting

International companies, as well as large public organisations, are facing increasingly complex needs when it comes to industrialisation and website factory management…

How should CMS versions be maintained and migrated? To what extent should site production be industrialised, and what part should be kept specific? What kind of editorial organisation should be adopted? Should we migrate to Cloud and/or headless CMS?


Single or multi-tenant

Share or partition content and workflows

We design together your multi-site strategy: editorial workflow by population, content sharing strategy, site generation strategy, levels of sharing of hosting, CMS and interface layers.


Services catalogue

Master databases, API, PIM, DAM, CRM & SSO

We exploit or build your founding tools for a long-term multi-site strategy, your databases & structuring APIs, product catalogues, single authentication & media management.


CMS expertise

Choose an Open Source CMS or a headless CMS Cloud

We support you in the choice and deployment of the most relevant CMS for your multi-site strategy, the best of Open Source with Drupal and eZ Platform, as well as the new generations of headless CMS such as Contentful.


Projects we're proud of

Manage 100 events per year through a multi-site platform

Set up an international service platform

Create and operate the digital communication device

Set up a multi-site platform for schools

CMS & frameworks

We deploy the best CMS solutions & Open Source frameworks


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eZ Platform

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Cloud-native web apps

We design web applications that natively leverage the capabilities of the Cloud: headless CMS, serverless & micro services


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Google Cloud


Tailored support


A pragmatic approach and assumed recommendations for all your project framing topics, techno choice, performance...

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Design your digital platforms by integrating the real needs of your users: design thinking, sprint design, user tracking...

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Agile management, stable teams and an involved PO to succeed together in your time to market & technical quality challenges.

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Boost your digital ecosystem over the long term: performance, scalability, audience and user acquisition.

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A single point of contact and a commitment to global performance for your digital applications.

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Training to support you in your digital transformation. Kaliop is a certified datadock consultant trainer to coach your talents.

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