Kaliop Group is strengthening its presence in Asia

BURDA SINGAPORE PTE. LTD., a subsidiary of German media conglomerate Hubert Burda Media, is an independent media house with a portfolio that includes a host of successful regional publishing brands in Lifestyle and Luxury.

Burda Singapore’s publications include Prestige Singapore, August Man and August Woman. Localised versions of Prestige are also published in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Hong Kong.

The multisite installation for Prestige Magazine, www.prestigeonline.com was built with eZ Platform 5.4 / Symfony 2 including SOLR search and RWD front end.

The project was realised by Kaliop Poland cooperating with the client in Singapore with the use of agile methodology. After the launch Kaliop is continuing with the support and further enhancements of the project.

With the realisation of this project Kaliop Group confirms its active pursuit of business activities in the Asia/Pacific region.