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Our “Backend mobile” expertise

Backend & API for native, hybrid or PWA iOS & Android applications

Ludovic Lacaze

Head of Consulting

Native, hybrid mobile applications and the emergence of “Progressive Web Applications” standardise the strict separation between API exposure and user interfaces.

Historical backends, generally from the Web, have not been designed and sized for mobile in terms of security, performance, scalability, mobility, and separation of business responsibilities.

Modernising one’s APIs is becoming a major mobility issue, and is also impacting Web strategy by unifying efforts.



API management & Single-Sign-On

We support you in your race for APIs: expose your business data, secure and encrypt transactions, manage multi-service authentications, manage the fleet and API versions….


mBaaaS & Cloud

Notifications, real-time, geotracking, geofencing....

We select and integrate the best of Open Source and Cloud mobile backend solutions, such as Kuzzle, Google Firebase, Batch, AWS, as well as new headless CMS solutions such as Contentful.



Requesting your backend data

We support you in migrating your APIs to GraphQL, in a context where the multiplicity of suppliers and API versions becomes a blocking handicap in terms of maintainability and performance.


Projects we're proud of

Manage 100 events per year through a multi-site platform

Deploy the Univadis medical portal internationally

Mobile backend

We deploy mobile backends and APIs on your existing system, in Open Source or on Cloud native solutions (serverless, headless CMS)


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Mobile & PWA apps

We deploy mobile backends that couple with your existing and future mobile & JavaScript applications


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React Native

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Tailored support


A pragmatic approach and assumed recommendations for all your project framing topics, techno choice, performance...

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Design your digital platforms by integrating the real needs of your users: design thinking, sprint design, user tracking...

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Agile management, stable teams and an involved PO to succeed together in your time to market & technical quality challenges.

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Boost your digital ecosystem over the long term: performance, scalability, audience and user acquisition.

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A single point of contact and a commitment to global performance for your digital applications.

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Training to support you in your digital transformation. Kaliop is a certified datadock consultant trainer to coach your talents.

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